Tessa is an artist based in Raglan, New Zealand. She gained a Bachelor of Graphic Design and certificate in Art and Design when she left school, but as soon as she completed her degree she left NZ to travel the world.

When she returned five years later she wanted to get back into practical art, rather than be confined to the computer, so decided to become a Secondary School Visual Arts teacher and taught in Wellington, always painting when time allowed. She moved to Raglan with her husband in 2011 where they settled and started a family.

Her studio has recently been completed and when she is not busy with her three growing boys, she is painting.


After many years of painting on canvas, it came time to try something a little different. I have always enjoyed the challenge of depth and layering in my paintings, and it was a time that I was trying to work out how to 'get deeper' into the painting when I created my signature concept I have named ‘Slat paintings'. When I paint, I explore the idea of fragmenting realism, and I use my method of ‘paint, slice and re-create' to achieve this.. I am not afraid to make mistakes and try new ideas, and I didn't hold back when I sliced up my first painting! What I love about this method is that there are many parts to the process. The initial 'whole' painting, and in the next step this is sliced and deconstructed into a pile of panels. Using linking lines and various viewpoints I re-construct it into an abstract, fragmented composition. The final stage is then to paint back into the work and complete the piece.

I still continue to paint on canvas, and especially enjoy the freedom of layering and movement on a large scale.

I apply mixed media into most of my canvas work and incorporate bright bold lashings of colour.

Every now and then I am asked to paint a deer skull. To to me this is a fun and playful exercise, where I grab it by the antlers and embrace beautifying the natural 3D form.

I am a full time artist with the passion to keep developing my work. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in any of my pieces. I also welcome commissions.