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Tessa has created a unique and intriguing style of painting. It is a method that she discovered while teaching secondary school Visual Arts, and over the years has pursued and developed it further. She has a background in Graphic Design and Secondary School Visual Arts teaching, and she believes that the constant exposure to imagery and experiences has assisted in the development of her style.


When I paint in my 'slat painting style', I explore the idea of fragmenting realism, and I use my method of ‘paint, slice and re-create' to achieve this. I discovered my signature slat painting concept when I was exploring depth and layering on board. Exploring ideas of perspectives in nature, and trying to create the illusion of juxtaposing realistic elements, I pulled out the saw and I could not see any reason not to slice up my paintings. And so my journey of 'slicing and re-creating' began. 

I enjoy that there are many parts to the process. The initial 'whole' painting, and in the next step this is sliced and deconstructed into a pile of slats. Using linking lines and various viewpoints I re-construct the puzzle back into an abstract, fragmented composition. 

When I feel the need to have freedom of movement on a large scale. I paint on canvas. I apply mixed media into most of my canvas work and incorporate bright bold lashings of colour.

Every now and then I am asked to paint a deer skull. This is a fun and playful exercise, where I embrace beautifying the natural 3D form.

​I  am a full time artist with the passion to keep developing my work. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in any of my pieces. I also welcome commissions. 

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