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Tessa is a New Zealand artist based in Raglan. She has a unique and intriguing style of painting, applying a personal technique into her process, that she has dubbed "paint, slice and re-create".  A method she developed while teaching secondary school Visual Arts. Tessa has always enjoyed the practice of painting, and the constant experimentation over the years has led to the development of this unique style she has named 'slat painting'.


When I paint in my 'slat painting style', I explore the idea of fragmenting realistic elements, and I use my personally developed process of ‘paint, slice and re-create' to achieve this. I discovered this concept when I was experimenting with depth and layering on canvas and board. I was exploring ideas of perspectives in nature, and trying to create the illusion of fragmenting realism. I decided to pull out my husbands bench saw as I could not see any reason not to slice up my paintings, and push the boundaries of composition. This was the start of my journey.

The motive in my work is to present a piece that leads the eye on a journey across the scene, composing a new vista corresponding to affinities of form, line, angles and depth. The result is a unique, fragmented,  yet whole  signature piece of artwork.

I draw inspiration from my environment, nature, organic forms and shapes. Travel is one of my passions and during my younger years overseas I collected and saved my travel tickets and maps. At times I weave these into my work, using the lines and shapes to help direct and compose the painting. 

Although I am focussing on my 'slat paintings' at present, I do enjoy painting up a canvas when the urge arises.

​I am a full time artist with the passion to keep developing my work. 

If you like what you see, please contact me. I also welcome commissions. 

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